The Value of Your Value Proposition

Some entrepreneurs create products and services that they would personally like to use and then assume that their prospects and customers will feel exactly the same way about these creations. If the critical response to the new product doesn’t match expectations, the entrepreneur blames the customer for not understanding the value and potential created by the new product. This disconnect between supplier and customer can result in a failed launch and severely impact the stability and profitability of a small company. Taking care to adopt the customer’s perspective, rather than just the entrepreneur’s voice, into the product development and business process is critical to sustainable busines

Managing for Sustainable Member Engagement

Engagement can be defined in a number of ways. We can be engaged to be married or we can commit to attending an event or a meeting (an engagement). We can even engage by participating in a disagreement or a battle (engaging the enemy). The common thread is that each type of engagement involves a relationship or a connection, combined with a commitment to perform or produce results toward a stated goal. Organizational member engagement is also relationship and commitment based. It is a by-product of the relationship between an organization and its members. An engaged member is one who is absorbed by and enthusiastic about her membership. She takes positive action to further both her own a





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