CHICAGO - What makes engaged volunteers suddenly quit volunteering?

The most common reason given by volunteers who leave is “I’m too busy with other things”.  Dig a little further and you’ll uncover the true reason that good volunteers leave.  If they are honest, you’ll...

CHICAGO - How do thank you acknowledgements increase engagement?  Everyone likes to be acknowledged personally for their contributions to a cause.  Showing gratitude to your donors is one of the most important aspects of nonprofit management.  

Here are th...

CHICAGO - The number one reason donors don’t give is because they don’t trust the nonprofit sector and/or the specific organization. Choosing the right ethical path for your organization could help change that perception and boost your donations. Knowing the most common...


In my work with nonprofits, I am frequently tasked with figuring out why member engagement is lower than expected by the organization.  The executives tell me about what is being done to entice members to join or renew their memberships, which demographic is now identi...

April 23, 2015


Engagement can be defined in a number of ways.  We can be engaged to be married or we can commit to attending an event or a meeting (an engagement).  We can even engage by participating in a disagreement or a battle (engaging the enemy).  The common thread is that each...

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Is Supplier Diversity an Effective Tool for Business Growth?

September 6, 2019

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