Thank You Practices that Create Nonprofit Engagement

CHICAGO - How do thank you acknowledgements increase engagement? Everyone likes to be acknowledged personally for their contributions to a cause. Showing gratitude to your donors is one of the most important aspects of nonprofit management.

Here are three quick tips for thanking your nonprofit donors which can result in increasing donations to your organization.

Number 1 - as a general rule, thank your donors in the same way as they communicate with you.

If your donor uses your online donation form, then send them a thank you note by email.

If your donor mails or hands you a check (or cash), send them a thank you note by regular mail.

The way that a donor communicates with you gives you insight on how they prefer to be contacted by the organization. Knowing your donors' communication preferences makes the thank you process feel more personal.

Number 2 - use project updates to thank and recognize your supporters.

Nonprofits should regularly updated their donors on the status of their current projects by sending emails, letters or newsletters. Use these communication tools and include a thank you for your donor's prior contributions in your update.

Share the names of any larger donors or donations that have been received for a project since your last update. Also, make sure to share how much additional funding is needed to complete the projects that are currently in process.

Number 3 - identify and thank your donors at all of your events.

Your organization's events provide you with another opportunity to recognize your donor base's contribution.

Consider providing name badges for each attendee that has previously donated to your organization. You can further honor your donors by identifying them as gold, silver, or bronze level donors on their badge, table card or printed program

Donors who receive different forms of recognition for their contributions are far more likely to give again than those who receive a single note or a one-time program listing in a printed document.

The loyalty of your donors is increased when you publicly acknowledge their association with your organization whenever possible. Turn your donors into ambassadors for your nonprofit by the manner in which you manage your "thank you" process.

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