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Our Mission

“To democratize entrepreneurial knowledge by offering world-class online and live training to minority and women entrepreneurs, especially those from non-English speaking backgrounds, in suburban and rural communities. Our goal is to unlock the boundless potential within these often-overlooked segments and provide them with the tools to navigate and succeed in the world of small business ownership.”

Ready for Upskilling & Reskilling?

"Remote Learning for Skill Development: One Skill at a Time"

Skills training re-educates and re-trains workers whenever new technology, processes or systems are introduced and integrated into organizations. Training is also an activity of choice for many people who are looking for ways to do better in school, learn a new language, contribute to the growth of a community nonprofit or even buy a home.

People want to acquire knowledge and skills that will help them lead better lives. We create interesting courses that help people learn things that they can apply to everyday work or life. We believe that training should create lasting value for the learner. If a learning experience doesn't create some type of value, then it's not worth the time or the investment.
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What you can achieve

Benefits of Online Learning for Adults

The biggest benefit? A student centered learning experience. Here are four more benefits.

  • Flexibility and control of your learning and your schedule.
  • Develop technological and time management skills.
  • Many topics and choices not available in the regular classroom or workshop.
  • Accessible to those with limited mobility or restrictive family responsibilities

Join our diverse community of learners.

We are a group of people who support each other in our collective and individual learning. We are cooperative and work productively together. If we choose, we work individually, always staying motivated and striving to do quality work. 
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