Joanne Tica, MATD

Joanne Tica is a thought leader in the field of adult education, focusing on training facilitation, content development and group training, principally with minority and women entrepreneurs. She is an expert at public (local, regional, national and private) business certifications, capacity building in for-profit and non-profit enterprises and trains on financial literacy for business owners who are seeking growth, capital access and expansion of the business' brand.

Tica has earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Purdue University, a master's degree in training and organizational development from Roosevelt University, a graduate certificate in Organizational Leadership and Transformation from Saybrook University and is completing her doctorate at Ball State University in Adult and Community Education with a focus on Teaching (Business) English to Speakers of other Languages.  

To connect with Joanne, please send a connection request on Linked In or contact her through email or by phone.
“The purpose of adult education is to help them to learn, not to teach them all you know and thus stop them from learning.

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