1-1 Small Business Coaching

  • Coach:  Joanne Tica
  • Level: Any
  • Session time: 55 minutes
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session overview
This is an Introductory Coaching Session, scheduled to discuss business performance, opportunities, threats, short and long term goals, career development plans, or other issues of an organization or an organizational leader in a confidential, protected setting. A coaching session helps the small business entrepreneur minimize personal and professional gaps that influence the strategy designed and executed for an organization. 
  • Video time: 55 minute private Zoom call
  • Exams: None
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Capacity Building

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Joanne Tica, MATD

Adult and Community Educator; Training and Organizational Development Professional; Instructional Designer
ABOUT joanne
Joanne Tica is an organizational growth expert focused on targeted capacity building in for-profit & non-profit entrepreneurial organizations. She is an adult and community educator and an expert in minority, women and veteran business certification and financial literary training.

Tica helps leaders create marketplace opportunities for certified businesses. She has worked with 1,000's of businesses who have gone through the certification process and helped them to set up strategies and executable plans for maximizing the value of the certification. She is an expert webinar and group facilitator for training and leadership development.
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